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You should absolutely continue using your account as normal. In fact, we strongly encourage you to be as active as possible!

Posting regularly (daily if you can), interacting with your followers and responding to comments will go a long way.

However, you should reframe from mass actions such as likes, follows or follows.

Our growth experts will already be performing these actions to maximize your growth. We maintain our engagement at a safe level with room for you to perform your normal actions. Just “act naturally”, keeping it under 50/day is fine.

Can I set my account to private?

You can. But we don’t advise it in most cases. You are likely to experience reduced growth while using our services if you set your account to private. But if privacy is a concern, contact us and we’ll see how we can help.

Can I change my password or username?

No problem. Just let us know before so we can reconnect with your account as quickly as possible.

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