Actions That Affect Results

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1. Client Inactivity

If your action isn’t active, Instagram will significantly reduce the amount of exposure you can achieve. We require an active account to attract real people, many people will not follow a dormant action. The following activities are very important:

  • Posting High-Quality Content, Regularly – We request you to post a minimum of 3 times per week. Posting 5 days per week greatly increase growth potential. If you can post 1-2 times per day, that’s optimal!
  • Responding to comments – Engagement is a big deal on Instagram. While we can help bring new people to your profile, engaging with them is icing on the cake. Please try to reply back to all your comments and users who like your photos. The more engaged you are, the more your followers will be too!

2. Client Interference

Respectfully, we request that our clients do not perform significant follow/unfollow/like activities while we’re managing their accounts. Our team is already working hard and carefully operating within Instagram’s limits. If a client interferes, we may be prevented from our activities due to hitting limits, therefore we are not liable for reaching our goals.

3. Certain Industries

There are specific niches and industries that are not as well suited to Instagram growth. This isn’t to say they can’t be successful on Instagram, but you may naturally experience slower growth. We’ll let you know before we start if we foresee this as an issue.

For example, a local hair-dressers may not experience the same growth as a fashion/fitness influencer.

4. Inaccessibility or password changes

If the account password is changed without notification or Instagram themselves is experiencing problems, we may not be able to work on your account. Occasionally, Instagram may also require us to re-authorize our connect, in which case we will contact you for your assistance.

Please understand that even losing 1-2 days access could have a notable impact on our results.

5. Promotions, Give-Aways & Contests

Many of our clients run promotions to help grow their accounts quicker, it works very well. But they can also result in a wave of unfollows too. This is to be expected behavior.

However, this may significantly skew our growth numbers and not represent the efforts of our team or services. Such situations should be treated fairly.

6. Unusual Follower Activity or Drops

We do not perform any activities which would result in a sudden drop of followers. We work on organically attracting new followers, and none activity we perform will result in a significant loss of existing followings.

Instagram does purge fake accounts from time to time. So if you’ve bought a large number of followers in the past, they can often disappear in the hundreds or thousands during this time. We’ve seen it multiple times. This not related to our service and with skew our results unfairly.

Similarly, if your account is already rapidly losing followers every day, this will also skew our overall growth.

We’re happy to continue working with these clients but under this understanding.

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