Don’t Buy Instagram Followers (Warning!)

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Resist the urge to take this shortcut that could cost your reputation!

Most of you reading this are aware you can just buy as many Instagram followers as you like on demand. There are hundreds of websites and services offering Instagram Followers and most of them are quite cheap.

So what’s the catch?

They aren’t real. Any service that offers to drop a large number of followers on your profile overnight is selling you fake followers.

Worst Case vs Best Case

Worse case: you’re left with a bunch of strange looking foreign and spam profiles following you.

Best case: the profile don’t look suspicious but they will never interact or provide any value. They are like empty calories that lower your overall profile engagement.

In both cases, Instagram can (and will) eventually wipe them off. We’ve seen clients losing 100’s or even 1000’s per day.

This Happens When You Buy Instagram Followers

Here’s an example of a client who uses “buy instagram followers” services. They buy followers, then start losing 100’s per day, until they buy more, then the cycle continues.

The only case buying followers could be useful is to quickly gain social proof in the short-term. However, under closer inspection, most people will be able to tell it’s all fake.

That’s why we don’t mess around with buying or selling Instagram followers. Instead, we focus on targeting and attracting real followers. They won’t be cleared off by Instagram, plus they’ll actually provide value and interact with you!

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