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These are our latest “basic” Instagram tips to help you get most growth possible while using our service!

1. Post content regularly. Daily is great if you can and twice per day is even better! Also, you can test different times throughout the day to see when you are getting the most engagement.

2. Use Hashtags. 5-20 hashtags per post are currently considered the sweet spot for boosting engagement to different audiences. I suggest you make a list and pick from it every time you post.

3. Use Stories. Regularly, daily if you can! It’s great for growth and engagement. Instagram will LOVE you if you keep people on their app for longer.

When you post a new picture, be sure to announce that you have a new post in your story to send more traffic to your page. Hashtags can also to get ranked for using stories, this will earn you a ton of views!

4. Respond to all comments. Try to reply or at least like every comment you get on your posts. Instagram will reward you for engaging with your community.

5. Don’t mass follow/unfollow. We’ll be doing this for you. But you can absolutely use your account naturally, following users you want on your feed. Just don’t go crazy!

6. Be conversational & encourage interaction. Use your captions to using a call to actions. You can try asking questions or inviting your users to get involved.

7. Ask people to save your posts. Instagram has really started taking notice of this action. The more people who save your post, the greater exposure you will get. Focus on creating save-worthy content and why not even ask for the save?

8. Contact us if you have issues/concerns. We’re here to assist you and tweak your strategy if needed.

To ensure our service can run smoothly, please let me know before you change your password. And please don’t change your account to private.

Combine these tips with our service and I’m certain we’ll achieve great results together.

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