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If you’ve just signed up to our Instagram Growth Service, don’t be alarmed if you receive a “suspicious or unusual” log-in attempt!

Instagram has quite a sophisticated security system protecting your account. Even in the event of someone else getting your password they can usually detect unusual log in attempts, blocking access and warning you.

Maybe you’ve seen this when logging into your account from a new computer or device.

When you sign up for our Organic Instagram Growth service, you’ll have a dedicated member of our team operating your account on your behalf. But when we first connect you might need to help us pass this basic Instagram Security Verification.

Don’t worry it’s easy and you should only have to do it once! Here’s what you’ll see:

“Was This You?” – Instagram Security Verification

We’ll log into your account using a new dedicated IP address from our own device. Will give you a heads up before we do.

This will trigger a security push notification from Instagram, plus an email to verify our access.

All you need to do is click “It was me” when asked and in most cases, that’s the end of it! Here’s what it looks like:

You might see the login attempt occurring in another country or even continent. Don’t worry, we use a wide array of IP addresses and dedicate one to your account at random. The geographical location does not matter.

If we have any other issues logging into your account, your account manager will reach out and guide you through the rest.

[If Applicable] Send Instagram Security Code

Most of the time, this step is not required. But in some cases, Instagram will ask for a security code in order to log in. You’ll need to forward the code to us so we can log in too.

The notification will look like this:


[If Applicable] Recieve Instagram Security Code

The you receive will contain the verification code our team needs to successfully login to your account.

So if you receive this, please forward the email (or just the code) to your account manager immediately so we can log in.

That’s it, we’re connected and ready to start growing your account! It’s only rare instances (such as Instagram updates) that may require you to authorize access in the future.

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