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Some Instagram accounts may get a temporary block message, but do not worry! This does not mean your account is not usable, here are answers to your common questions about temporary blocks.

Why am I temporarily blocked from liking posts / following users / sending DMs / commenting on posts / unfollowing users on Instagram?

Instagram may temporarily block your account for performing any action at a high rate, this is to prevent spam and inappropriate actions. We highly value your account and help you reach out to people at an optimized rate that does not make you blocked. Instagram sometimes changes its policies and also other factors are considered whether your account is blocked.

What happens when you are temporarily blocked on Instagram?

You will not be able to perform any actions during the block period.

Will my account get banned or shadow banned when I am temporarily blocked?

Do not worry, this is only temporary and based on our experience temporary blocks will not lead you to have your account banned or shadowbanned.

How long will my account be temporarily blocked on Instagram?

Your account is typically blocked between 24 – 28 hours.

How many times can I get temporarily blocked on Instagram?

You can be blocked many times, but we advise not to be blocked consistently.  As long as your account is not continually temporarily blocked, your standing in Instagram is not affected.

How can I tell if my Instagram account is temporarily blocked?

You will get a message from Instagram when you perform that action. If you keep getting that message you are still blocked. We recommend not performing any actions for 24-28 hours.

How can I prevent from being temporarily blocked on Instagram?

What we will do:

1. We will pause all campaign activity for 24-48 hours. During this time, no activity will occur.

2. When we continue our service on your account we will first start at a slow rate

3. We will review your account to ensure that it is optimized

What we recommend you to do:

1. To prevent any further blocking issues, do not perform any follow or like actions on your accounts for the next 24-48 hours.

2. Please review your content to make sure it not inappropriate, does not violate Instagram’s Terms and Conditions, and does not infringes any copyright

3. If your account is less than 3 months old, we recommend not performing many actions

4. Hold off sending DMs to other users for 24 hours

5. Link Instagram to other social accounts. This is key. Link your Instagram account to as many other social networks as possible. A minimum of 3 linkages with other social network accounts (such as Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr etc.) is recommended. If you do not have these accounts, please create and connect with them.

6. Verify your phone number and e-mail address. Do this by providing your mobile phone number in your Instagram profile. To verify your e-mail address, follow the link provided in a message sent to the e-mail you allocated to your Instagram account.

7. Only use one promotional service. Do not use several promotional services, as this will cause you to exceed the total daily action limit, which will render your account blocked and maybe even deleted. We also recommend that you do not sign in and use your account while using automatic promotion.

8. Fill in all information on your account. Provide details such as your name, website, description, bio, email, phone, and gender. If you are a business, fill in all contact options, as well as email, phone number, and business address.

6. Post regularly. We recommend posting at least once every two days.

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