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In this guide, we’ll explain our service works and show you how to get the most out it. We’ll try not to get too geeky, let’s keep it simple so you know exactly what to expect.

1. Organic Growth Explained

We are providing an organic marketing service. This means we will be managing your account, performing a variety of activities to attract the attention of your target audience.

Using a combination of different strategies, we’ll help you get more exposure,  gain new followers and grow your audience.

What exactly does it take to super-charge your growth organically?

  1. Targeting and collecting 1000’s of relevant users as potential followers every week
  2. Executing effective strategies for gaining their attention and encouraging action
  3. Engaging and interacting with users 100’s of times per day, every day, every week!

Unless you’re a full-time Instagram Geek with all the tools and a team at your disposal, you’ll struggle to keep it up more than a day or two!

That’s why it makes perfect sense to leverage our team. We will get you greatly accelerated results, with none of the hard work. You keep doing your thing and we’ll help you reap in new followers!

2. We Don’t Sell Instagram Followers

Nor do we pay or force users to follow you. Unfortunately, these type of services only delivers fake followers.

But it’s a lot like eating junk food and piling on empty calories!

They’ll never like or comment on your photos, visit your website or interact with you in any way. They were never genuinely interested in the first place. Worse yet, they will disappear in a flash when Instagram kicks them all off!

Instead, we’ll work hard to get you more exposure with your target audience, giving you the chance to attract real followers!

3. Targeting & Attracting Real Followers

We’ve perfected our methods through growing 500+ accounts, across a variety of niches and industries. While we can’t give away all our secrets, here’s a simplifed break-down of our core strategy:


  1. We use custom developed tools to identify users who engaged with similar accounts, competitors, geolocations or hashtags most relevant to you.
  2. We filter and analyze users to remove spam or undesirable users.
  3. We run calculations based on user activity to find who will be most receptive to you.
  4. We engage with users to gain their attention and encourage them to take action.


We’ll strategically perform engagements with targeted users including:

    • Following / Unfollowing – We’ll follow targeted users, then unfollow a few days later. This enables us to keep attracting new users while keeping your following under control.

  • Liking – We like photos and videos posted by these users to further gain their attention and encourage them to reciprocate.

We will not comment using your account, nor do will we send direct messages (unless we’ve set this up with your permission).

4. Factors That Influence Growth

In our experience, we’ve identified numerous external factors that significantly influence Instagram growth. Here are some of the main ones:

  • Post frequency – how often and consistently you post
  • Post quality – attractiveness and value provided to the target audience
  • Interaction – with your existing followers by liking and commenting back
  • Target Audience – the type of users you are trying to attract
  • Profile layout – how easily users can recognize and identify with you
  • Quality of product/services – the perception of your offer

In the case of our service, these factors are out of our control. Most of them are actually down to you.

Furthermore, different types of account naturally gain popularity faster or slower than others. This can be due to trends, culture, virality, audience size etc.

Due to a combination of these factors, no two accounts experience identical growth rates. Your account, content and personality are unique, and our strategy for growing your account will be too.

5. Your Expectations

Since we don’t have control over the factors mentioned above, we cannot provide guarantees based on followers to be gained every month.

We’re performing real engagements with real people, so your growth is dependant on their reaction to your account.

But we’re happy to share results we’re achieving with our current clients:

  • Majority: 1000-1500 followers per month on average
  • More active and higher-quality content typically gain between 2000-3000+
  • We’ve never had a client gain less than 500 followers /month

Most of our clients also notice an increase in engagement rate, as new people start interacting with their accounts.

If you’d like an estimation for your account, feel free to ask your account manager. But these should always be treated as estimations.

6. Our Guarantees

While working together, we do guarantee that we’ll:

  • Help you achieve the highest growth potential for your account
  • Work hard promoting your account to as many target users as humanly possible
  • Guide you on improving your account and strategy to maximize results together
  • Advise you if you have Instagram related problems (even when unrelated to our service)
  • Grow your account!

We will not force you to make changes to your account or strategy. We can still help you grow accounts even if you don’t want to follow our advice.

In the rare cases where we cannot perform our service, or grow your account, we will offer you a full refund. In all other cases, partial/full refunds may be offered at our discretion on a case-by-case basis.

Please note: This service can in no way be held responsible for the loss of followers. Nothing will do will cause this. This often happens if you purchased fake followers from another service in the past.

7. Our Plan For Growing Your Account

Since we are attracting real followers, you shouldn’t expect explosive growth from day 1. Generally, you should expect results to build up gradually much like a snow-balling effect.

Here’s a typical run-down of what to expect moving forward:

  1. First Day: We’ll create your new strategy and test our connection to your account. Your account manager may request your assistance to pass the Instagram Verification.
  2. First 5 Days: We be warming up your account, building up actions to keep Instagram happy.
  3. End of Week 1: we should be approaching optimal growth. We’ll analyze our results so far and make adjustments if needed.
  4. Ongoing weekly basis: we’ll analyze results and make adjustments as needed.
  5. On a monthly basis, we’ll optimize your strategy and make changes as requested.

Depending on your account and goals, strategy adjustments may need to be made before we can achieve the best results. If you have concerns about your targeting, you can always contact your account manager directly and they’ll advise you.

We focus striking a balance between growth speed and quality of followers.

8. Tracking Instagram Growth

We’ve developed our Instagram Growth Dashboard to help you monitor your account growth.

We’ve tried to keep it clear and simple to use. It tracks changes to follower activity, plus other key metrics such as Engagement Rate. You can also generate automated email reports if desired.

You can access it anytime by clicking “Client Dashboard” at the top right-hand corner of the page. The first time you use it you’ll be asked to search for your Instagram username in our system. Click “add to favorites” and it will remember you for next time.

Your account may not show up immediately, but you can always email your account manager and to investigate.

Please note, this dashboard does not show historical data from before you signed up. Also, you cannot search for other accounts other than yours.

9. Adjusting User Targeting

If you notice that we’re following, interacting or attracting a large number of users who not in your target market let us know. Send a message to your personal account manager providing the usernames.

We’ll quickly make adjustments to your campaign and try to refine our targeting/filters.

It’s worth noting that gaining exposure on social media can also gain the attention of “undesirable” users. This varies greatly across different niches and audiences.

We can’t always eliminate all of them, some will always slip through the net. We strive to always maintain a good balance of 70%+ targeted users.

Expect to naturally pick up strange followers every now and then, but you can easily block them. But you notice a pattern of undesirable, let us know so we can filter them out!

10. Maximizing Your Growth

You should check out our post on Maximizing Instagram Growth. This should give you a greater understanding of how to be successful with Instagram.


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