Highly-Specific Types of Follower

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Due to the vast, open nature of Instagram, we cannot guarantee only attracting a specific type of follower. We create unique, fully-tailored strategies for every one of our clients. Our goal is to attract new followers closely match to your target audience.

Certain audiences, industries or niches are harder to target than others. However, we always strive to maintain a healthy balance of relevant, desirable followers.

  • Expect a broad spectrum of highly desirable to less-desirable followers
  • Expect occasional strange user interacting with you (that’s just social media for you!)
  • Expect the majority of new followers gained to have related interests
  • Don’t expect every new follower to be a highly specific ideal

If at any point you notice a large number of followers are not in your target audience, contact your account manager with their usernames and we’ll make adjustments to your strategy.

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