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Help Desk - Be Idolized

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Will I lose my followers after I stop using this service?

    Since we help you gain real followers there is no reason you should lose them after you stop using our service.

  • Will I gain real followers using this service?

    There are many companies who offer to instantly sell you as many Instagram followers as you like for a cheap rate. Sadly, these are always fake followers that will never interact and may disappear at any time.

    If you want to buy Instagram followers (fake ones), this is not the right service for you. We are a professional Social Media Marketing service that helps you gain real followers organically. We’ve spent years perfecting our techniques for targeting and attracting followers.

    Any followers gained using our service will be through their own free-will and must have genuinely liked you. We do not incentivize or pay anyone to follow you.

  • Is this 100% service safe to use?

    Absolutely. We are a Social Media Marketing agency who specializes in managing our client’s accounts to help grow.

    We use the latest, most effective marketing techniques to help grow accounts. Our expert team performs genuine, organic activities that are perfectly within Instagram’s rules. We stay within Instagram’s activity limit and are compliant with their policies.

    Your account will always be 100% safe and secure while using any of our services. We have very strict security and privacy procedures in place. No fakes, spam or funny business to worry about.

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