Our Instagram Growth Results

We let our results do the talking. We can’t give away our client’s little secret, but we can share results we’ve been achieving together!

Men’s Lifestyle Influencer

“I signed up 3 months ago and my growth has been rocking ever since. I’ve literally not put in any extra effort myself. Loving those +100 follower days!”

Aspiring Fitness Model

“Before I signed up, I struggled so hard to gain followers. But from Day 1 my growth has been 3X faster than anything I could achieve. I gained over 1500 followers my 1st month!”

Family & Mum Lifestyle Blogger

“I’ve already got my hands full taking care of the family and running my business. Having the Be Idolized Team working on my profile been amazing. We’re going for 50K followers!

Please note: Every account has a unique potential for growth. There are a variety of factors we do not control which affect growth (including post quality, activity, audience and niche). We’re sharing these results for educational purposes only. We do not guarantee a specific number of followers gained for any client. Results may vary.